Creative use of advancements in technology to improve productivity, security, and quality of life


Help operating facilities be safe, environmentally attentive, secure and efficient by maximizing the value of their information asset

Principles and Values

We believe in and uphold the following key core values:
  1. Embrace honesty and integrity; there is stability and strength in truth
  2. Embrace humility, respect, and accountability; no one knows everything
  3. Encourage creativity, efficiency and effectiveness; therein is reward
  4. Be quick to acknowledge and mend; we all make mistakes
  5. Put ourselves in the other person’s shoes; easier to care when we understand
  6. Obtain our identity from our Creator; we perform our best as ourselves
  7. Edify and not offend; death and life are in the power of the tongue

Our Associates

Our Associates are a group of seasoned, senior professionals and independent service providers.

Core Competency Areas

Neulogix Solutions brings solutions built around the following areas of competency:
  1. Business Process Analysis
  2. Technology Solutions for
    1. Information Management
    2. Information Analysis
    3. Information Security