Philip Simon

Technology Solutions


Philip Simon has over 20 years of knowledge and experience spread across physical sciences, computing, process industry and commercial software.  He is positioning Neulogix Solutions as a leading-edge technology solutions company that is focused on pragmatic and effective solutions to meet the industry business needs.
He has made unique contributions over the years through his original and innovative thinking.  He developed the ‘Tube-Junction Model’ for viscoelasticity of crosslinked polymers, which has been used by the Army Research Laboratory in their epoxy resin studies.  He became an early adopter and advocate of object-oriented programming in scientific computing through his R&D work in statistical mechanics modeling for fuel-cell membrane nanostructure.  He is well known in the Configuration Information Management circle within the nuclear power industry and at organizations such as CMBG and EPRI, where he has contributed fresh perspectives on addressing CM needs for the life-cycle of new nuclear builds.
He spent over 15 years in the commercial software industry through his tenure with leading companies like Hexagon (previously Intergraph) and Aveva, supporting the chemicals and energy industry in managing engineering and technical information.  His experience in software development, software project implementation, business development and consultative sales has created an appreciation for aligning novel technology to create efficient business process and end-user experience.  He has held both project management and line management positions.
Philip has a B-Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and graduate degrees from Texas A&M University, where he took a Master of Science in high precision measurements for natural gas custody transfer and a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling of solid polymer viscoelasticity and water degradation in epoxy composites.

Mark Cox

Sales and Solution Delivery


Mark Cox comes with over 40 years of broad technical and senior management experience in technology program management, engineering design, maintenance programs, large CAPEX project commissioning/handover/startup and initial operations, large facility operations and maintenance, and technical team management with DOE O&M contractors. He has commercial sales, business development, and customer project coordination experience across the gamut of state–of-the-art asset lifecycle software and associated work processes. He has focused industry expertise across Technical Information Management, Design Processes, Requirements Management, Configuration Management, Systems Engineering, Data Governance, and Organizational Assessment.
Mark specializes in the identification and resolution of technical and business challenges related to project design integration on projects that produce large facilities subject to government regulatory oversight (FDA, NRC, DOE). Mark has worked with many large global EPCs and small modular reactor companies to accelerate the emergence of new, safer NSSS technologies through the use of appropriate information technology strategies and associated work processes. He has led specialized technical teams of up to 150. Mark excels in aligning early project design tool and work process disconnects to achieve a high-performance design organization. He has a BSEE and MSEE, a CMII certificate from the Institute of Configuration Management, and is familiar with requirements and the field application of 10CFR 50, 10CFR 52; 10CFR 21; DOE 413.3B, DOE 422.1; DOE STD 1073-2003; Baldrige Performance Excellence, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and Six Sigma.

Rob Glasier

Business Development


Rob Glasier is a High-Tech industry leader, specializing in enterprise applications, computer graphics, and related technologies.  He uniquely understands doing business in both the commercial as well as the Government/Defense marketplaces.  He has done business in every developed continent.  He has experience in a broad spectrum of industries: Process, Power, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Chemical, Pharma, Mining, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Ship Design, Shipbuilding, Defense, Medical, and others.
Rob has served in several positions over the years including as President, EVP, VP, Director, Owner, Board Member, and Consultant in organizations from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He brings experience in Executive Management, Marketing and Business Development, Global Sales, Software Product Design, Software Development, Product Design and Manufacturing Planning, Product/Customer Support, etc.
He has worked for Companies such as: Intergraph Corporation (Hexagon), AVEVA, Siemens, McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, Advanced Software Design (ASD) Global, United Computing, Gerber Systems Technology, General Motors, RealityWave, Rolta International, Changetools, CSM Technology, Q-Track, CIMSgts, AC Inc., Working Wounded Warriors, GlobalMajic, among others.
Rob is a SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Industry Pioneer, being considered one of the Founders of the Computer Graphics industry. He has published/presented over 40 articles/papers; and has been guest lecturer at seminars/conferences globally.
He holds a summa cum laude BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer, with specialization in Computer Integrated Manufacturing.  He is past Chairman of the National Computer Graphics Association.  He is also involved with many other industry, trade, and professional associations.
Rob has also been an active member of several civic organizations and the local community.

David Cochran

Business Operations and Finance


David Cochran comes with a background of helping businesses in all stages of growth and development – from formation, through growth, to successful liquidation events. Having served in a variety of management and advisory roles, his responsibilities have included organizational formation and development; financial and cash flow planning and management; strategic business plan development and execution; operational management; and product development.
His focus is on developing the strong business foundation needed for success.  He has demonstrated success in establishing and achieving performance goals.  He has also effectively worked with all stakeholders and constituents – including management, business owners, investors, directors, employees, and other agencies - to manage their varied interests and to effectively work to achieve business success.