We understand the engineering and technical business process and probe for opportunities for improvements leveraging the ever-evolving technology landscape.
Technical information is a valuable asset of the organization, and typically resides in a variety of, often disparate, software systems.  We address its creation, integration, change management, and effective usage.
We leverage business analysis, information and data modeling, and configuration management with commercial software technology to maximize the use and value of the information asset to the customer.  We attempt to drive a balance between business value and innovation, architectural elegance and usability, automation and flexibility.
Our services include Business Analysis and Solution Design and Technology Solutions as discussed below.
Business Analysis and Solution Design
Information systems must be designed to enable the business processes.  Business processes leverage the Information Asset.   Efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes are ultimately affected by how the information is organized, updated and made accessible.  We enable effective solution designs through:
  1. Assessment/analysis of the Information Asset - classification of data and documents, data models (entity-relationship models), version control, and ontology.
  2. Assessment/analysis of the Information Technology - utilization of applications and tools, data repositories, external systems interfaces and collaboration systems.
  3. Business Process Modeling - As-Is and To-Be models for various scenarios such as design change process, information handover process, management of change processes, configuration management, etc.
  4. Solution Design - design of software systems information architecture and interfaces and associated end-to-end work processes.


Technology Solutions
Technology solutions are key to enabling effective work processes, reducing human errors, and improving overall efficiency.  We provide the implementation services for KNEXIT®, the enterprise-wide Integrated Data Environment (IDE) and Master Data Governance Monitor, covering the following activities:
  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Interfacing
  4. Deployment
  5. Support