An Integrated Data Environment (IDE) with Relational Intelligence

KNEXIT® unifies and bridges the data, documents and relationships maintained in multiple information silos to create a consolidated, searchable and logically navigable information network.

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It provides:
  • Single portal for access and navigation to information no matter which source system manages it
  • Intuitive graphical view of information linkages to seamlessly navigate to what you need from what you know
  • Continuous audit of impact from changes to information at any source system updated 24 x 7
  • Retains the source and history of every piece of information presented

Information Diversity and Consistency

KNEXIT® serves up enterprise information covering the full life-cycle of a facility from requirements capture to design, procurement, construction, commissioning, handover, operations and maintenance.  While each discipline uses specialized applications to manage their business processes in each phase, KNEXIT® brings together all of the resulting information from these applications in an interrelated fashion, virtually removing the borders between these specialized applications but without actually modifying them.

Relational Intelligence

Relationships are more than simple pointer linkages.  They have logical business meanings with status, context, and history.  KNEXIT® supports a logical structure in relationships to view just what is needed at any time.

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  • Supports different types of data items such as requirements, drawings, equipment, components, purchase order, etc.
  • Supports specialized relationships between items to enable logical traceability no matter what systems produce and update the various items
  • Supports the clear understanding of current information status and the history of changes in relationships.
Consistency 1
  • Identifies impacts in one system due to changes in related items as soon as they are published
  • Detects inconsistencies in overlapping information published from different sources


A Pictorial View of Information - Redefines graphical navigation!

Information is only as useful as the manner in which it is made available for use. The KNEXIT® portal expands the horizon of the meaning of graphical navigation.

KNEXIT Desktop 1

  • Yes, it is pictorially graphical
    • A picture is worth a thousand words
    • Visualize relationships with status and in context as they should be seen
  • It is Dynamic, Intelligent and Interactive
    • Dynamic graphics that can be re-arranged to suit the user’s perspective
    • Intelligent graphics present metadata, content, history, relationships, and status with meaningful symbols and color
    • Interactive graphics for extended, incremental search and navigation
  • It is Intuitive
    • Create a listing or graphical map of related items of all types pulled together from different systems for seamless traceability
    • Query and display relationships of interest through Named Relationships
    • Presents only what is requested to follow a line of inquiry in context
  • It is Informative
    • Dynamic status in specific colors brings clarity to the state of the information environment in a single view

Pragmatic Non-Disruptive Approach

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  • Does not require replacing existing applications with a single integrated application
  • Does not require integrating all existing applications to each other
  • Does not require modifying current business work processes
  • Does not require additional information to be managed in source systems
  • Leverages all existing systems to publish the information they currently manage


  • Supports simple interfaces with existing applications such as exports using Microsoft Excel® or structured content in Microsoft Word® files
  • Supports access to existing application through APIs, where applicable

Information Security

  • User access is controlled through group security access protocol
  • Files are encrypted in transfer and at rest on the server


  • KNEXIT® supports a distributed-server secure architecture for global projects to connect with systems across multiple participating companies and organizations (LANs), enabling seamless comprehensive information view and navigation for all parties in a large capital project or in an operating plant with multiple independent sites while respecting IP and data ownership
  • Cloud-ready, supporting External, Internal, and Mixed mode deployments
  • Source Systems can be incorporated incrementally in phases


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