Improving Efficiency and Safety by Enabling Seamless Access to 

Validated Information

(no matter where it originates)

Change Impact Tracing

(no matter where it occurs)


Enabling Relevant Knowledge

Information is only as good as its accuracy, relevance, timeliness, availability, and authenticity.
The effective and safe operation of a process facility is achieved with people, processes, and technology.  The flow of information keeps them aligned.  Right information is key for knowledge, which is a corporate asset that must be created, protected, used, maintained and decommissioned just as physical assets.  Wrong information is more dangerous than no information because it leads to unwarranted confidence.
We help assimilate right information from across the organization for seamless access.


Enabling Efficient Change

Value of change and growth come at a price. 
Healthy engineering, operations, and maintenance organizations are always in flux due to changing market conditions or growth through pursuit of strategic goals.  However, changes to people, processes, or technology can impact the relevance, quality, and safekeeping of information. Lack of proactive auditability of the information asset during change typically leads to a downward spiral of deteriorating information reliability.  Loss of confidence in the information can lead to costly, time-intensive, repeated re-validations.   Reliable and timely information enables efficiency during transitions.
We maximize the economic advantages of change by minimizing the resulting degradation of the information asset reliability.