Recommendations for Philip


" I’ve had the pleasure of working with Philip Simon in 2013/14 in Chevron’s Energy Technology Company on helping to develop information management principles, practices and standards for the Facilities Engineering environment.

"Philip was engaged as a business analyst and technical writer.  I found him to be very structured and methodical in his approach and asked pertinent and relevant questions to better understand the subject matter he was investigating.  He was persistent in asking questions to ensure the team fully understood what ever concepts or principles we were trying to develop and communicate.

"Philip brought essential insight, perspective, and expertise from having led similar efforts previously.

"He always sought to understand the subject we were discussing in a broader context to make sure we were addressing the correct issues and that the result of our efforts would be of value.

"The communications he developed were comprehensive and clearly written.  Philip also demonstrated a talent for distilling complex concepts into easy to communicate and understand diagrams. 

"He was very complete in his communications providing the background and detail necessary to facilitate people understanding the principles being conveyed.

"He is a conscientious, diligent, engaging worker, professional in his appearance, conduct,  demeanor, and someone who constantly was looking to add value wherever possible and willing to reach out for as many diverse perspectives as necessary."

Dave Percifield, June 18, 2014.  Philip provided services for Dave at Chevron ETC.


"I have been delighted to work with Philip on several complex business opportunities and am always impressed with his ability to blend a visionary posture with pragmatic business savvy and deep insight into the challenges of information management. He has a very consultative sales oriented style, and moves easily between the highest level goal and value definition exercises to the nitty gritty of getting it done. In addition to his wealth of experience I believe the characteristics that really differentiate Philip are true integrity and a remarkable ability to bring his own unique perspectives to any engagement in a way that encourages clients to engage even more actively in turn. I’ve worked with him in settings ranging from a major Owner/Operator in the chemicals market to the world class EPCs and have always been impressed with his ability to express relevant value regardless of the audience.

"Philip is a straight shooter, excellent with any client, the epitome of a team player, goal oriented and perhaps most importantly: he delivers. I recommend his work unreservedly and certainly hope we have more opportunity to work together in the future."

John Hyatt, November 29, 2012. John worked with Philip at AVEVA


"I've had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Philip in a number of challenging business situations and I am continually impressed with his approach to problem solving and putting forth innovative solutions. Not only is he well grounded in the principles of information management, he brings experience in program management, project management, engagement management, client relations management, technical expertise, and a broad business knowledge base to the table. He works well across many industries including nuclear, chemical, power, IT, infrastructure, aerospace and is readily adaptable to any and all business areas I can foresee. He also brings a wealth of international experience and perspective that can be very helpful.

"Philip has that much sought after mix of personal integrity, intellectual independence, an easy going but determined personality, pragmatic approaches, plus visionary insight that the leading companies of the world seek. I look forward to the day that we can work together on another business opportunity."

Ron McLeod, November 17, 2012. Ron managed Philip at AVEVA


"Philip has outstanding capabilities in requirements analysis, software system architecture, and documentation of technical problems and proposed solutions - particularly in complex information management. Highly recommended!"

Glenn Williams, February 22, 2013.  Glenn worked with Philip at Intergraph


"Philip is an outstanding, well rounded individual who has been instrumental to me and my career. The advice he gave me years ago is more valuable and beneficial now, then it was when he gave it. That is just the kind of guy Philip is. Philip is a winner, an all-star, and fantastic coach. I would love to be on his team again!"

Greg Turner, PMP, July 12, 2012.  Greg worked indirectly for Philip at Intergraph


"Philip is a very knowledgeable business professional who pays close attention to details with an in depth understanding of Enterprise Systems. I have collaborated with Philip on many strategic projects and was very impressed with his methodical approach to dissecting complex architectural components to come up with a homogeneous solution that will support incremental deployment across the enterprise.

"Additionally, Philip is very good with managing the technical staff, his technical background allows him to quickly understand how the team fits and how to best leverage their individual knowledge to benefit the customer and ultimately the project."

Majdi Zahran, May 31, 2010. Majdi worked with Philip at Intergraph